Transferring Files Directly from One Server to Another

Posted on Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

All I can say is:

Macs are awesome.

And so is Transmit, the File transfer software I have been using.  I was a big fan of FileZilla, but since migrating to my Mac, some limitations in the Mac version caused me to go looking elsewhere.

Enter Transmit.

So, I really needed to transfer files from one server to another.  In the past, I would download the files to my machine, then upload them to the target server.

Just for fun, I tried something a little different in Transmit:

First, I opened a window with my target server connection.

Then, I opened a new second window, with my source server connection.

And then, I just hilighted the files from the source, and dragged them into the target server window.

To my surprise, Transmit took off like a racehorse, uploading the files directly from my source server to my target server.

Now granted, it may be that it’s transparently downloading them and uploading them, but that’s OK – it’s doing it transparently, which means I don’t have to watch it, worry about it, or get in the middle in any way.

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