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(Almost) Cross Browser Text-Stroke (Outline Text)

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Or how to fake it in most browsers

Super-short, super simple:

Using text-shadow, which is supported across most modern browsers, you can achieve the text-stroke (outlining the text) like so:

a.hover {
	text-shadow: -1px -1px 0 #990000, 
	1px -1px 0 #990000, 
	-1px 1px 0 #990000, 
	1px 1px 0 #990000; 

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Free Stuff for Our Clients

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

My core business is web development, but there’s a lot of accessories that seem to go along with owning a website. So, I’ve invested in some tools and services that I offer my clients, at no extra charge: Read More →

Typekit and Google Expand Web-Safe Fonts

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Forever, there’s been only a small handful of font selections that you could use safely on your website. Literally – like 8 different fonts that you could be sure would be on everyone’s browser.

But now, thanks to two awesome services, you can use a much larger variety of fonts. Read More →