Website Security

Making websites that do stuff is a mixed bag. While your site can be dazzling with the functionality that it offers, and may bring you the business you want, the very nature of functionality opens up your site to security risks.

Security From the Ground Up

By now you should see a trend in the way we approach website development: a holistic approach, considering security right alongside each and every aspect such as conversion rates, search engine ranking, and more. By designing for security from the ground up, your site is more secure from the very beginning. And because we design with scaleability and maintainability in mind, any new security concerns can be addressed more effectively and less expensively.

What Security?

Oh boy. It’s a shame, but it’s true: The web is full of nasty people who are out to harm innocent sites. With denial-of-service attacks, SQL injection attacks, XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Attacks, a wide variety of different unauthorized login attacks, and many others, your site needs to be a virtual fortress to malicious visitors, while still rolling out the red carpet to your customers.