Web Development

From the ground up, your site is developed with myriad concerns in mind:

Now honestly, each one of these topics warrants an entire book. And, each of these words may have a different meaning to different people. So that we are on the same page, we will tell you what we mean when we say…


If your customer has a hard time navigating your site, then your profits will suffer. Usability means that the site is easy to understand, to navigate, and to use.

Conversion Rates

Now we‘re getting to the core reason to have a site: To convert. A site that converts a visitor into a customer makes more money with less costs. Translation: profit. How can your site convert better? Speak to the heart of the dog in the language of the dog, using persuasive copy and website design.


Bottom line: Web pages that are very easy to update and maintain.

What that means is that we use clean, W3C compliant CSS (stylesheets that dictate the format, object placement, colors, and styles of the page) and W3C compliant HTML (the content of the page). By doing this, you can simply update one or two lines of code, and the whole color scheme of your site can be changed.

It also means, where appropriate, using include files. For example, the navigation links on many sites are exactly the same from one page to another. A site with 50 pages could have that code for the navigation links exist on 50 pages. Then, if a change is required, all 50 pages would need to be changed. A better way is to put the navigation links in an include file – a single file that is “included” on each of those 50 pages. Then, when a change is required, you change it in exactly one place, and it is automagically updated across all 50 pages.


Bottom line: When you need to upgrade the size of your site, migrate servers, etc., it is much simpler because it has been planned for.

What this means is that we use code that is not proprietory (for example, Microsoft Front Page code can only run on servers with the Front Page extensions). And, when we code for database driven sites, we use standard SQL language. For example, the MySQL database offers support for commands that only work with Microsoft Access. Using these commands throughout a site would create problems. When it comes time to migrate to another server or database, these commands would need to be changed to work with the new database. Changing these commands makes it much more cumbersome and difficult, and greatly increases the chances of introducing bugs.

Search Engine Optimization

Bottom line: If we incorporate this during the development, the site will rank better and require less maintenance.

Almost everybody is concerned with search engine placement – and rightly so. Designing a site from the ground up to rank well for the proper terms makes for a much more elegant site that is user friendly, reads easier, and ranks better. Sure, you can just slap something together and worry about this later, but at what cost? Unless you completely overhaul the site, chances are you will end up with a hit-and-miss optimization with a lower quality site experience for your users.


You have mere seconds to hold a visitors interest. If your page doesn’t load – within 3 seconds – then you’re losing visitors. Designing sites that load fast so that your customers stay engaged is what we do.

Bringing it All Together

With Alpha Channel Group, you get a site that is developed from the ground up with all of these concerns considered, factored, and implemented. That means you get a site that does it all: loads fast, attracts visitors, keeps visitors, converts, is easy to maintain, and can scale in size. And, because it is all considered up front, there are no nasty expenses that come back to bite you later.