Search Engine Optimization

Why Do You Care?

Do we need to convince you how important it is that you think about Search Engine Ranking? If so, then read our article on Who’s Searching for You? to see how it might help.

How Do You Get Ranked?

Simply put, to get ranked well your site:

  • Is relevant to the search words you get ranked for, and
  • Is popular with other sites that have as many of these traits as possible:
  • Are related to your search terms,
  • Are ranked well themselves,
  • Are ”Authoratative“ sites,
  • Don’t link to many other sites.

Are You Asking the Right Question?

But it’s not that simple. Listen, a site can be ranked #1 for a given search phrase and it won’t do the site any good. Instead, you need to focus carefully on which search phrase you should put your efforts into. A ranking of position 6 on Google for the right search phrase can be a hundred times more profitable than a ranking of position #1 for the wrong search phrase. For more details, read our article Who‘s Searching For You?

The Right Approach

Search engine ranking is part of a complete approach to web development: by incorporating Search Engine Ranking, Conversion Rates, Scaleability, Maintainability, Security, and Functionality, your site can do what it is supposed to do: Make you more money.

With the proper wholistic approach, your search ranking is built seamlessly into the site. No tricks, no keyword stuffing, no obnoxious page titles that drip with obvious attempts to rank better. Smooth incorporation of your goals throughout the site, so that you get the best of both worlds: web pages that are ranked well for your relevant search terms, and persuasive copy that moves your visitors to become customers.