Improved Conversion Rates

Designing for conversion is the key to a successful website. Traffic is no good (in fact it can be very expensive) if your site doesn’t convert that traffic into customers. Pretty design is fine for graphic artists, but doesn’t make the sale. Search engine ranking is wasted if you can’t sell your goods. Increased conversion has many benefits:

  • More customers (and more revenue).
  • Lower advertising costs per sale. If you can convert more without spending more on advertising, then the cost of advertising per customer is lower.
  • Higher profit margins. And higher profit margins give you a lot of flexibility in how you grow your business.
  • Lower hosting costs. Fewer wasted visitors means you need less bandwidth and fewer servers.
  • More stable income. During cycles when your traffic is slower, you will have a greater baseline revenue from higher conversion rates.
  • Increase traffic. If your profit margin is strong because your conversion rate is good, you can afford to increase your spend-per-click.

How Alpha Channel Group Can Help

Investing in converting your visitors is the single best investment you can make. All the traffic in the world is no good if none of them convert. Here’s what you can get:

Quick Conversion Assessment. A breif analysis of your site, from the Home page through the sales process. You learn where your weak spots are, and how to correct them.

Detailed Conversion Assessment. A detailed analysis of your site, including the entire experience from first visit through the sales process. All of your pages are scrutinized, including the way the pages are linked together to create a persuasive experience.

Conversion Architecture Design. The most you can do for your site. A complete architecture of your site is designed in order to get the highest conversion rate possible. It all starts by creating personas that represent your different customers in detail, including what they will be looking for on your site, and what they need in order to convert.