Google Map Store Locator

store_locator_in_usePut a store locator right on your WordPress site!

Leverage the power of Google Maps, along with our powerful plugin to give your visitors an easy to use store locator.

Let your visitors quickly search for stores within a certain distance of their address.

With the search results, a map is displayed, as well as a listing of all of the matches in an easy-to-read format.


Import or Enter Locations

Manage Store Locator LocationsYou can enter locations by hand, or simply upload / import a CSV file of store locations (with addresses), and the plugin will Geocode the addresses, allowing for the store locator function to quickly display locations on a map.

The plugin then attempts to Geolocate the address automatically, and notifies you of any problems.

Note that Google allows up to 2,500 Geolocation calls in a 24 hour period. If your import file is larger than that, you will want to consider having the file geolocated by a service such as MapLarge’s Batch Geocoder before importing. The import supports importing the latitude and longitude values.

Control How Store Locator Displays

store_locator_settingsYou control whether to use metric or standard, you control the theme to use, and many other options.