When we find ourselves in the “heat of web development” it is most productive to have an assortment of tools that will assist us. Some of the tools we use are simple charts for basic HTML characters and color codes. Other types of tools could be simple scripts or programs we have written to help with redundancy. The tools here are useful for both of these reasons. The HTML character chart can be placed on a wall in your office or next to your computer for fast reference. The opacity tool is a lot easier to copy and paste rather than writing the code by hand every time you need it. Please check back for more useful tools to come.

  • ASCII Table

    Searchable table of ASCII / Char conversions for use in PHP, etc. As developers we can all use a handy chart for character codes. Character codes are special codes that browsers understand and output as a character. This table lists many of the common and some of the not so common c... Read More →

  • CSS Cross Browser Opacity Tool

    [css_cross_crowser_opacity... Read More →