Below are a few different types of web development resources that you may find helpful. The WordPress plugins are valuable and free and will work on any modern WordPress installation. Please feel free to download one you like! The Tools will help provide you with basic HTML markup, and the articles will hopefully expand on your current practices. Click a resource below to get started.

  • WordPress Plugins

    I have developed several custom plugins over the years. The following plugins are a gift from me to you. Please feel free to download one of our free plugins and test it out! [subpage_peek... Read More →

  • Tools

    When we find ourselves in the "heat of web development" it is most productive to have an assortment of tools that will assist us. Some of the tools we use are simple charts for basic HTML characters and color codes. Other types of tools could be simple scripts or programs we have written ... Read More →

  • Articles

    Do you know Who's Looking for You? People are looking for you - right now. Do you know how to help them . . . (full story) Design for Scaleability. Planning to be big from the very beginning can save you big . . . (full story) Who Owns Your Domain Name? It's your online... Read More →