Providers we Believe In

In our business, we have exposure to a wide variety of providers. And we have definitely learned which companies we can trust, and which ones we cannot.

Since we send them so much business, we’ve decided to become official resellers of these providers.

Below are our recommendations for virtually everything website-related:

Domain Names

When it comes to domain names, GoDaddy is a popular choice – but they are a bit tricky. They are inexpensive – unless you want to add private registration or other add-ons, and they they are actually more expensive than other providers. Plus, we find their interface to be a bit cumbersome.

We are fans of Hover. All they do is domain name registration. And they do it well.

Website Hosting

For us, there are two categories of hosting:

1: “High Value” Hosting

Sites that require excellent support, uptime, and / or the ability to increase or decrease the size of the hosting package: Liquid Web

Liquid Web Fully Managed Web Hosting


2: Shared, Low-Cost Hosting

General sites where that extra cost for Liquidweb is not justified. For these sites, we recommend HostGator. While their support times have increased a bit over the years, we still find that their sites are fast, their support is excellent, and the pricing is very competitive.



SSL Certificates

There’s a wide variety of providers to choose from. With experience ranging from super-expensive to super-cheap SSL certificates, we have decided that DigiCert is our SSL certificate provider of choice. They offer excellent service, are easy to use, and are very reasonably priced.