Zen-Cart Website Development

Zen-Cart is an open-source e-commerce package. Out of the box it’s ugly, and often doesn’t do quite what the user wants – but we just put together the appropriate custom code necessary to accomplish the clients’ needs. Some have minor customizations, while others are fully customized.

Like WordPress, Zen Cart provides hooks and theme capabilities that allow us to build themes and extend functionality, while preserving the core files in their original form. This keeps the base code completely “stock”, allowing clients to update Zen Cart without breaking the site.

The reality is, however, that Zen Cart is no longer a platform we recommend. With an aging code base, and much better platforms available, we recommend going with either Open Cart for most e-commerce websites, or Magento for enterprise e-commerce websites.

Zen Cart Portfolio


Highly modified Zen Cart shopping cart. Most modifications have to do with custom display of products, a custom banner per section, and a customized “related products” area.



Another Zen Cart e-commerce solution, this one has been modified with custom layout, custom image display, FAQ, documents, and other related information and items displayed per product, and more.