WordPress Website Development

WordPress has been becoming a larger and larger part of our work. These are just a couple of projects based on WordPress, an award-winning open source Content Management System, but include custom code necessary to accomplish the clients’ needs. Some have minor customizations, while others are fully customized, including e-commerce, members-only sections, and more.

Our specialty is developing themes and plugins for WordPress that extend the base functionality, utilizing the hooks that WordPress provides. By developing conscientiously, we are able to extend WordPress to amazing customization and still keep the base code completely “stock”, which allows our clients to update the WordPress core without breaking the site.

WordPress Portfolio

Salvatore Cincotta

A gorgeous example of what can be done with WordPress, this site is Sal’s online presence for his photography company. Developed on a WordPress platform using PHP and MySQL, there are some limited but cool extensions added to the WordPress base functionality that make it do exactly what Sal needs.

Walk Out Walk On

This site stretches the boundaries of WordPress. With a ton of customizations to provide multiple formats and presentations of the same page content, support for a separate sidebar for every single page, both image galleries and video galleries, as well as fully custom home page slideshow (with complete administrative capability in the WordPress dashboard), this site has been a blast to work on as we overcome one new challenge after another.


The same folks who did walkoutwalkon came back and had us replace their Joomla site with a WordPress based site. With a whole new set of requirements, including custom post types, custom taxonomies, and more, this site also demonstrates the incredible capacity for customization that WordPress offers.

Behind The Shutter

A complex example of just some of what can be done with WordPress. This site is a “members only” informational site that supports other photographers in their business. With custom code that includes a complete sign-up process with credit card processing, as well as members-only login and members-only area where pages and posts are available only to members who are signed-in, this site showcases some of the flexibility that WordPress offers.

D & R Branded Products

Custom slideshow (managed through the dashboard), custom callouts
across the bottom of the home page (also managed through the dashboard), and integrated
catalog (iFrame was the only option, unfortunately).