Custom Code

Below are just a few of the projects we have participated in. We have done countless other projects for designers that are clients, however those projects are not listed here in order to honor and preserve the relationship between the designer and their clients. If you are interested in learning more about the work we have performed for them, please feel free to contact us for more information.

These projects are completely custom code, written from scratch (or using code from our ever-growing library) to accomplish the client’s needs.

Formula Zone

Online nutrition site, including recipe building tools, automated menu building tools, calculators, food logs, and other nutrition-related content and tools.

This site, developed originally over 9 years ago, is in ASP classic using Microsoft SQL Server, provides extensive functionality. One of our first major projects, this site still operates and functions effectively and efficiently, albeit on a platform (ASP classic) that is outdated by today’s standards.

This site has been an ongoing effort in improving conversion rates, enhancing usability, and pushing the limits of the functionality that can be achieved without add-ons such as flash or java. This site has been through several complete redesigns, as a visit to the Internet Time machine will show.

Lyssé Leggings

This site is the web presence and e-commerce site for a successful clothing manufacturer who decided it was time to have an online store.

Custom e-commerce shopping cart, built from the ground up for a client who had specific requirements. Zen Cart or Magento would have been overkill in many areas, and would have come up short in other areas. Developed completely in PHP and MySQL, this site has a full administration dashboard. One of the interesting pieces of this project was integrating with UPS to generate labels and print them on a thermal printer (much more difficult than it would appear!)

QI Path

Online FMEA tracking, including complex tools that allow hospitals to set up and track FMEA projects throughout their organization.

This site, developed in PHP using MySQL, was started by the owner, who then hired us to come in and help bring the site to a point where it could be released for use by clients. Added login functionality, the ability to allow multiple organizations to access and use the tool in a way that their data was separated from other organizations, and other new functionality.

This project has gained new momentum and is currently in use with many hospitals.

DE Wardt & Company

An industrial consultant, this website provides extensive functionality for content management as well as online document management, interviews, and other tools for end users.

Originally written in ASP using SQL Server, I migrated the site to PHP and MySQL. This resulted in substantial performance gains, as well as cost savings in database licensing and support.

Later, John worked with me to perform a complete redesign of the site, giving it an entire new look and feel. The focus was on creating a professional looking site, with special emphasis in improving conversion rates.

Off The Tracks Denver

A brilliant idea, this site offers local RTD light rail riders with the latest events, news, and more.

Written in PHP and MySQL, this is a completely custom site with a ton of front and back-end functionality so that the site owner can add, edit, and delete all sorts of aspects. A favorite feature we developed is the the Advertiser “Create New Ad” piece.