Our portfolio of work is a broad selection of completely different sites. There are so many and they are so different, it’s difficult to summarize other than to say this: Most of our work involves sites that do something cool. Work we’ve done includes:

  • customizing open-source e-commerce software
  • writing completely custom e-commerce software
  • developing WordPress themes (from simple to complex web applications)
  • creating custom WordPress plugins
  • crafting custom websites and applications that do things that no other site does.
  • complex AJAX applications

From small $200 projects to projects worth well over $100k, our portfolio is broad. Explore the pages below to learn more about some of the specific projects we have completed.

  • Opencart Development

    Opencart is an e-commerce solution that is open source. It is an easy to use platform that allows on-line retailers to sell and manage their products. Opencart makes tasks such as setting sales tax for products, demographics, product types (physical or digital), product categories and mu... Read More →

  • Magento Website Development

    Magento is a powerful enterprise level open-source e-commerce platform. Since Magento is infinitely more complex, Magento website development is more expensive than other open-source carts such as Zen Cart or OpenCart. The benefit, however, is that Magento is ultra powerful and very conf... Read More →

  • Zen-Cart Website Development

    Zen-Cart is an open-source e-commerce package. Out of the box it's ugly, and often doesn't do quite what the user wants - but we just put together the appropriate custom code necessary to accomplish the clients' needs. Some have minor customizations, while others are fully customized. ... Read More →

  • WordPress Website Development

    WordPress has been becoming a larger and larger part of our work. These are just a couple of projects based on WordPress, an award-winning open source Content Management System, but include custom code necessary to accomplish the clients' needs. Some have minor customizations, while others... Read More →

  • Custom Code

    Below are just a few of the projects we have participated in. We have done countless other projects for designers that are clients, however those projects are not listed here in order to honor and preserve the relationship between the designer and their clients. If you are interested in le... Read More →