Marketing Research

Who’s looking for you?

There are a host of tools that will allow you to find out who’ searching for you, and how they are searching for you.

You can do it yourself. But do you know what you need to do?

Market Research Services

Let us do the research for you. We’ll define your keywords, narrow the list to a useful selection of highly profitable keywords. It’s a service that can easily be worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Example Case Study

Assume you sell a diet product, and you make $20 profit per sale. You could try and market to the keyword “diet”, but the top bids for that keyword is over $10 per click. In less than two clicks, you’d better sell something, or you’re losing money – and fast. (By the way, one sale every two clicks is a 50% conversion rate, which is unattainable for something like a diet product).

Now lets narrow down the keywords, and you can start bidding on targeted, specific phrases. Two things happen: One, more specific phrases sell for much more reasonable prices (30¢ or 40¢ per click is not uncommon) – and two: Because the visitors are now much more specifically targeted, your conversion rates go up – way up. You could see conversion rates of 20% or more if your keywords are targeted closely enough.

With your diet product, at 40¢ per click, at a 20% conversion rate:

  • You’ll convert 20 customers for every 100 visitors,
  • Which means $400 in gross profit,
  • On 40¢ per click times 100 clicks,
  • Or just $40 in pay-per-click advertising,
  • For a net profit of $360 ($400 gross – $40 advertising),
  • For an ROI of 900% (you make $9 profit for every $1 spent in advertising).