LastPass Has Made Me More Productive

Posted on Thursday, May 26th, 2011

I started using LastPass nearly a year ago. At first, it was for the security reasons – it was featured on the Security Now podcast (an excellent resource for anyone in the Web or IT industry).

But since then, I’ve found that it has made me much, much more productive.

First things first: LastPass is a password manager like no other. 100% secure, powerful extras, and best of all – update or add a password on one computer, and it’s added/updated on ALL of your computers (that you have LastPass installed on). It installs as a button on Firefox, IE, and Chrome, and makes navigating this world wide web a much simpler, safer experience.

As a web developer, I’m constantly logging in to various web-sites, control panels, admin dashboards, and so on. And LastPass does so much more than just remember your passwords (securely!) for you, it is smart. I typically can log in to a site with ONE click, or, if it’s a site where I have multiple logins, it takes TWO clicks. Clicks – that’s it. No typing, no looking up passwords or usernames – just a click or two and I’m in.

Plus, LastPass shines when it comes to testing the e-commerce sites that I develop. With it’s built-in “Fill Form” functionality, when I am testing an e-commerce form for the millionth time, I don’t have to hand-type everything – I just fill the form (with three clicks – one on LastPass, then one on “Fill Form”, and then one on the form profile I want to use). Bam! In goes all my name, address, credit card, phone, and any other info I need. Easily saves me hours per month in testing forms!

Did I mention LastPass is free? Even the premium version, for $12 per year, is a screaming bargain. I’m certain that it saves my clients hundreds – maybe thousands of dollars per year.

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