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Posted on Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

As a part of our full-service approach to every customer, we include many services at no extra charge:

Free “Staging” Hosting

While we’re developing your site, we set you up in a private location, on our servers, so that your live website is not impacted. It allows you to get a full experience of the site, without interrupting your ongoing business.

Set Up New Hosting

We do everything, from soup to nuts, to set your site up on your new host. Setting up databases, moving files, configuring 301 redirects – you name it, it’s included. We take care of these things to save you the frustration.

Free Domain-Name Pointing

Once you’re ready, we point the domain name over to your new hosting. And, BEFORE we do it, we do a….

Careful Migration Analysis

You can’t afford for your e-mail to be down at all, or your site to be down during the migration. We look at everything carefully prior to moving your site, to be sure that your move is seamless and painless.

Lifetime Warranty

The work you get is only as good as the warranty behind it, and we believe that our work should serve you perfectly for as long as you have the site. And while we are diligent about eliminating bugs before they happen, the truth is that they DO happen, and sometimes they aren’t discovered for some time. Whether we finished your project one week ago or 5 years ago, we’ll fix that bug, and we’ll do it quickly, with a smile on our faces.

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