Converting Visitors Into Customers

Converting visitors isn’t rocket science, but it’s close. Look, the average conversion rate for websites is a pathetic 2.6%. Like all averages, this includes the high (catalog sites convert at over 6%) and the low (electronics: 1.1%). (Note that these numbers are likely skewed, because the source is a high-end Website Analytics company who’s customers are big-budget companies).

The first thing to successful conversions is this: There is no such thing as an average customer. If you design for an average customer, you can be assured of one thing: your conversion rates will be pathetic.

Now that you’ve wiped your mind of the average customer mentality, we can get started. But wait. If there’s no such thing as an average customer, who do you design for? The answer: all of your customers (or at least most of them).

It takes some work. Start by identifying the kinds of customers that you do have. They aren’t all the same – they do have some traits that are the same, but the reality is that each one is different, and they experience your site in completely different ways. Why not make your site speak to them.

Whether you are business-to-consumer or business-to-business, every single one of your customers comes with their own set of questions, concerns, issues, and problems. They are coming to you because they want a solution to their problem. So while your solution may not be different, you need to speak to the heart of your customers to help them see your solution as the solution to their problem. (And even if you are B2B, you ultimately work with people who make the decisions).