Why Alpha Channel Group

What is that something special that sets us apart – our secret sauce, so to speak?

Why do so many customers become repeat and on-going customers?

We are humble by nature, and don’t like to brag, so rather than tell you why we’re so great, we’ll tell you what is important to us when we work with our clients.

And, if that doesn’t interest you, then read what our customers have to say about us.

Uncompromising Customer Service

Customer Service. Common words for an uncommon concept. We believe that customer support should mean something. So what’s our idea of Customer Service?


Solid communication – both clear and frequent, and most of all, honest.


While we work hard to avoid mistakes, unfortunately they happen. When they do, we admit it, and throw everything we’ve got at setting it straight as quickly as possible.


Availability. In today’s day and age, it’s inexcusable to be unavailable. When your mission-critical site is having problems on a Friday night, the idea of waiting until Monday morning just isn’t very reassuring. We watch e-mail traffic via smartphones and other means throughout the waking day, including weekends, to make sure our clients sites are up and running the way they should be, and if there is a problem, we can be on it quickly.

Lifetime Warranty

While it would be nice if everything was perfect the first time, it just doesn’t work that way. We warranty everything we do with a limited lifetime warranty. Lifetime? Yep – lifetime. We’d appreciate it if you didn’t wait ten years to discover a bug, but if you do – we’ll take care of it, no charge.

Excellence in Value

We are committed to offering you an excellent value for your money. These also are overused words that have lost their value. What does value mean to us?

Fair Pricing

We give you the best of both worlds: An hourly rate, with a cap. We call it our Not-to-exceed pricing. How is this the best of both worlds? You have the advantages of a fixed price – you know how much the project will cost (at most), with the benefit of hourly rates – you pay only for the work you receive. This is a win for you, because in the off chance we underestimate on our not-to-exceed, you pay only the not-to-exceed amount. Any additional work is free. And, in the common case where our estimate is higher than the actual cost, you win, because you only pay for the hours worked.

Continuous Improvement

Our skillset continues to improve, as we continue to learn current best-practices in all sorts of areas: Security, coding, usability, conversion, design, and more. We keep learning so that you always get the best possible product.


The internet is a mixed blessing, it really is. On the one hand, information is more accessible than ever. On the other hand, YOUR information is more accessible to bad guys than ever.

We stay abreast of current best-practices in security. We don’t try to be the industry experts – that’s a full-time job, but we DO pay close attention to what the industry experts are saying and teaching. In this way, we can minimize the possibility of your site falling victim to attack.


There’s more to this than meets the eye. You know what is absolutely gorgeous? A simple, clean, easy-to-use website. And making one is a lot of work. This is an area where Apple Computer, with their iPhone, and the Mac, are absolute geniuses. Can those types of things be translated to the web? We think so. It’s always a concern when working on a project, and when the budget allows, it is a top priority.


To us, this is the core of your site: Your site has a purpose, and that purpose – in some fashion or another – is to convert visitors into customers. Maybe they can’t buy directly from your site, but they CAN fill out a contact us form, use a store locator, or sign up for a newsletter. There is ALWAYS a conversion to be made, even if it is only a “micro-conversion” – one small step towards the ultimate goal of your business.

If you haven’t read our article on it yet, Converting Visitors is a great primer on the importance of conversion rates. With certifications in persuasive architecture, we have studied, and continue to study, the industry-leading techniques for converting visitors into customers.